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Ottomans are a casual and practical solution to the office enviroment.

Whether your after a large statement piece, a modular item to be reconfigured or a fun macaron inspired ottoman SSV has an option for you. 


Round W450mm x D450mm x H480mm

Trapoid W730mm x D710mm x H460mm

Square W650mm x D710mm x H460mm

Panel Topped Square and Trapoid H350mm

Fabric Colours

bu_i_o_n_017_20200328180629118-15_rgb_color_0000.jpg bu_i_o_n_017_20200328180629118-15_rgb_color_0000.jpg

12-_i_o_aa_o_i_o_.jpg 12-_i_o_aa_o_i_o_.jpg

08-_a_p_u_o_aa_e_an_o_-g.jpg 08-_a_p_u_o_aa_e_an_o_-g.jpg

00-_a_u_-g2.jpg 00-_a_u_-g2.jpg

04-_u_o_aa_u_o_0_u1-g.jpg 04-_u_o_aa_u_o_0_u1-g.jpg

03-_o_i_e_an_o_-1-g.jpg 03-_o_i_e_an_o_-1-g.jpg