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MIX - offers style for the ever changing office environment. With a choice of 3 different unique leg profiles. MIX will give you the point of design and difference you're looking for. Choose from, U Shape, A Frame and Hoop Frame.

5 Year Warranty


Dimensions -
Standard Height 720mmH (frame height 695mm)

Suit Desk worktops 1200mm - 1800mmW
Suit Workstation worktops 1200 / 1200 - 1800/ 1800
Suit Worktop depth 750

Material: - Powder Coated Steel frame

Powdercoat: - Standard Black or White

Weight Capacity: 100KG
Straight Desk
Side By Side (to suit 2/3/4/5/6/7/8 way runs)
Back to Back Shared leg (to suit 2/4/6/8/10 way runs)

mix_match_setting_2_-_copy.jpg mix_match_setting_2_-_copy.jpg

double_desk-a_shape_leg.jpg double_desk-a_shape_leg.jpg

mix_match_setting_4_-_copy_2_.jpg mix_match_setting_4_-_copy_2_.jpg

mix_match_setting_7.jpg mix_match_setting_7.jpg

double-square.jpg double-square.jpg

1mix_match_setting_8.jpg 1mix_match_setting_8.jpg

mix_match_setting_12.jpg mix_match_setting_12.jpg

1mix_hoop_setting.jpg 1mix_hoop_setting.jpg

image-3.jpg image-3.jpg

mix_match_setting_9.jpg mix_match_setting_9.jpg

double_desk-_square_leg.jpg double_desk-_square_leg.jpg

mix_match_setting_1.jpg mix_match_setting_1.jpg

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