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EVOLVE - aluminium desk frame offers a unique triangular profile that is a stand out with sizes being completely customisable.  Manufactured locally, the EVOLVE Desking System can be made to suit any height or configuration required.   Matching tables are also available completing your fitout from desk to break out areas.

Dimensions -
Standard Height 720mmH (frame height 695mm)

Suit Desk worktops 1100mm - 2400mmW
Suit Workstation worktops 1200 / 1200 - 2100/ 2100
Suit Worktop depth 450 - 900

Custom height sizes available

Material: - Aluminium with Cast fittings

Powdercoat: - Standard  White & Silver

Weight Capacity: 125KG
Straight Desk
Back to Back
Shared leg (to suit 2/3/4 way runs)

5249_con_1600_4-way_inoffice_option1_003-01_hires.jpg 5249_con_1600_4-way_inoffice_option1_003-01_hires.jpg

5249_con50_1200h_1800-4way_v2-001_hires.jpg 5249_con50_1200h_1800-4way_v2-001_hires.jpg

evolve_4_pod_complete.jpg evolve_4_pod_complete.jpg

evolve_4_way_1500x1500.jpg evolve_4_way_1500x1500.jpg

triangle_leg_hero.jpg triangle_leg_hero.jpg

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