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ESSENTIAL Winder -  a solid frame that offers manual height adjustment from a concealed handle. 

An added bracket block ensures connectivity with various screen options. 

Easily assembled, and able to be configured in H frames with either the ESSENTIAL Fixed or Electric Height adjustable frame.

Complete with a 5 year warranty

Dimensions -  
Height  720mmH (695mm frame height)

Suit Desk worktops 1200mm - 2100mmW
Suit Workstation worktops 1200 / 1200 - 2100/ 2100
Suit Worktop depth 700 - 900

Material: - Powder Coated Steel frame

Powdercoat: -  White

Weight Capacity: 120KG


Straight Desk
H Frame

essential_winder_desk_frame.jpg essential_winder_desk_frame.jpg

5249_con_1600_4-way_inoffice_option2_003-01_hires.jpg 5249_con_1600_4-way_inoffice_option2_003-01_hires.jpg

essential_winder_workstation.jpg essential_winder_workstation.jpg

5287_power_data_002-01_hires_1_.jpg 5287_power_data_002-01_hires_1_.jpg

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