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The Direction 65 Screen System provides a substantial screen structure for added privacy, flexibility and acoustics to the open office.  Available as a solid screen, tile screen and void screen with base or mid height ducting to accommodate all cabling requirements (Cat 5 & 6). The Direction 65 Screen System is completely customisable, with your choice of fabric, powder coat and accessories.

Dimensions - Custom Made Solid Screens
Width 400mm  - 2100mmW
Height 300mm - 2400mmH
Extrusion 65mm

Profile: Flat Capping

Material: - Aluminium, Solid or Pinnable MDF Board, Water Based Glue
Capacity to fit 6mm, 7mm, 9mm Accoustic panel

Powercoat: - Standard Satin White, Satin Black and PSP

Cable Maganement:
Base Ducted
Mid Ducted

Fabric as nominated by Client
House Fabric Laines Suzette
Void Screen (200 - 690)
Tile Screen
Intermediate rail
Power Blade
Power Pole
Function Wall
Acrylic Panels
SSV Accessories
SSV ranges of brackets
Dulux Power Coat Colours

5249_direction65_1800_3-way_2019_002-01_hires.jpg 5249_direction65_1800_3-way_2019_002-01_hires.jpg

5249_bfx_showroom_v2_001_hires.jpg 5249_bfx_showroom_v2_001_hires.jpg

5249_a-leg_120workstation_option2_v2-001_hires.jpg 5249_a-leg_120workstation_option2_v2-001_hires.jpg

15249_con_inoffice2_v1_002-02_hires.jpg 15249_con_inoffice2_v1_002-02_hires.jpg

direction65_6-way_j3399_.jpg direction65_6-way_j3399_.jpg

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