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Comparing office spaces with islands you will find similarity with each item independent and interdependent to one another.

The D series encompasses screens, sofas, coffee tables, ottomans and stools. All helping to create an integrated office enviroment for cooperative working, negotiation, learning and socialising.

Dimensions -
Bench Booth
1660mm W x 810mm D x 1540mm H
Single Booth
1010mm W x 810mm D x 1540mm H
1620/2310mm W x     810mm D x 800mm H
Tub Chair
750/880mm W x 690mm D  x 800mm H





00-_a_u_-g2.jpg 00-_a_u_-g2.jpg

bu_i_o_n_022_202003281808549755_rgb_color_0000_0_u.jpg bu_i_o_n_022_202003281808549755_rgb_color_0000_0_u.jpg

03-_o_i_e_an_o_-1-g.jpg 03-_o_i_e_an_o_-1-g.jpg

bu_i_o_n_015_20200328175114847-22_rgb_color_00002.jpg bu_i_o_n_015_20200328175114847-22_rgb_color_00002.jpg

00-_i_-g.jpg 00-_i_-g.jpg

d1_ottoman_s.jpg d1_ottoman_s.jpg

bu_i_o_n_023_20200328181433276-22_rgb_color_0000_0_u.jpg bu_i_o_n_023_20200328181433276-22_rgb_color_0000_0_u.jpg