Accessory Panel 4 Slot

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In tight spaces the Accessory Panel is a great space saver.  Add in 1, 2, 3 or 4 paper tray holders to file your papers.
Dimensions -
Width 260mm 
Height 365mm
Extrusion 35mm, 50mm, 65mm

Material: - Powdercoated Steel

Powdercoat: - Standard Satin White, Satin Black and PSP


Dulux Powdercoat Colours
Landscape orientation
Add in Paper Trays

5249_d65_1800_4-way_withreturns_shelves_truce_2019_004-01_hires.jpg 5249_d65_1800_4-way_withreturns_shelves_truce_2019_004-01_hires.jpg

35249_a-leg_120workstation_option2_v2-001_hires.jpg 35249_a-leg_120workstation_option2_v2-001_hires.jpg

metal_papertray_hires.jpg metal_papertray_hires.jpg

hires_p19_d50_accessorylayout_3-001_001.jpg hires_p19_d50_accessorylayout_3-001_001.jpg

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