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In tight spaces the A4 Paper Tray can be hung from our top rail of our 35, 50 or 65mm Screens.  Simply add it to our A4 Accessory Panel or intergrated Function Wall for added paper or file storage. 
Suitable use for
Extrusion 35mm, 50mm, 65mm
Material: - Powdercoated Steel
Powdercoat: - Standard Satin White, Satin Black and PSP
Dulux Powdercoat Colours

Landscape orientation

2metal_papertray_hires.jpg 2metal_papertray_hires.jpg

5249_a-leg_120workstation_option2_v2-001_hires.jpg 5249_a-leg_120workstation_option2_v2-001_hires.jpg

5249_a-leg_120workstation_v2-001_hires.jpg 5249_a-leg_120workstation_v2-001_hires.jpg

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